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All about the Femboy Pride Flag

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There’s a common misconception that pride flags only represent an individual’s sexual preferences. However, anyone who doesn’t fall into the “traditional” definitions of femininity or masculinity can find a pride flag that represents them perfectly.

A great example is the femboy flag.But what is a femboy? And what does their flag symbolize, precisely? Keep reading to find out the answers to these common questions about femboys.RELATED: What Does The Word “Queer” Mean To You?

The Internet Sounds Off…Before we go into the nitty-gritty details about the femboy flag, it’s vital to lay down the basics, like what a femboy is.The term “femboy” is defined (by Tumblr and other community-based websites) as “a boy with feminine physical characteristics.” More established sources like the Collins Dictionary include only adolescent males under this definition, while others assert that a femboy can be anyone under 30.

Age aside, most people seem to agree that the chief characteristics of a femboy are femininity and perceived youth. However, this loose definition can be confusing – for example, some mistakenly believe that femboys (a term exclusively used by and for men) are the same as crossdressers or drag queens (who can identify with any gender).While some femboys may certainly be gay, this doesn’t apply to everyone.

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