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Robin Kisses Boyfriend on New DC Comics Cover

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The time has come to finally see Tim Drake — aka, Robin — finally share a kiss with his boyfriend in the pages of a DC comic.Tim has spent the last year dating his boyfriend Bernard Dowd and coming out.

Now, the two are shown kissing on the cover of issue #6 of Time Drake: Robin.Tim, in full Robin vigilante garb, kisses Bernard in the night with his cape blowing in the wind, covering Bernard, and the Gotham City skyline in the background.“The final showdown!

Tim Drake comes face-to-voice with the villain who’s been taunting Tim by using his metahuman powers to create ghostly animals.

When this Moriarty’s identity is revealed, all hell breaks loose in the marina. Can Tim keep things afloat, while simultaneously dealing with his relationship with Bernard?” the issue’s description reads.The upcoming cover was drawn by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz and the issue was written by Meghan Fitzmartin, who also penned the issue where Tim and Bernard start their relationship.Related: Wonder Woman Has a Super Girlfriend in a New Comic SeriesIn issue #4 of Tim Drake: Robin last year, Tim, who has dated women in the comics, was on a mission to save his male friend Bernard who was kidnapped by the villain Chaos Monster while the two were enjoying a dinner together out on the town.While being rescued, Bernard — unaware that Tim is Robin — confesses to Robin that Tim is the reason that he realized he was queer, adding that he wished he could go back and finish his date with Tim.Fast forward to the post-rescue scene, where Bernard is now safe and sounds thanks to being rescued by Tim, Tim decides to pay Bernard a visit."Tim Drake...do you want to go on a date with me?" Bernard asks him as he stands at his front door."Yeah...yeah, I think I want.

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