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Ask Howard • 12-16-22

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Engagement parties, Christmas miracles and Viva Magenta Well, here we stand again troops, in the waning rays of yet another year gone and the entire globe one year more imperceptibly scarier than that preceding it.

Gazing over the precipice’s edge of 2022, my dear readers, how would you rank our new decade so far? Off to just a bumpy start?

Or outright cursed? Last weekend, I watched a new NOVA documentary on, of all fascinating topics, Arctic sinkholes. Uh huh. That’s the level to which my ‘What-do-you-do-for-fun-Howard?’ bar has sunken these past three years.

Apparently, beginning in 2014 but unnoticed until 2022, the north polar regions of Earth began exploding, helter-skelter, with craters the length of football fields — methane buildups from melting permafrost.

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