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Billy Eichner reveals info about a second big, gay movie he has in the works

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Bros for Universal. It made him the first openly gay man to write, star in and produce a movie for a major studio. The romantic comedy is set to be released in August 2022.Related: Billy Eichner to star in first gay, male rom-com from major Hollywood studioYesterday he spoke to Deadline about another movie he’s co-writing and starring.

This one has just been snapped up by Amazon.Ex-husbands will look at the bitter divorce between two gay men who were formerly the poster boys for same-sex marriage, having been the first to wed in New York City after the SCOTUS ruling of 2015.The fictional story is based on an idea by Eichner, with veteran writer Paul Rudnick working on the screenplay.The film will be produced by Eichner and.

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