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Brad Pitt has thoughts about the movie that awakened James Scully’s inner gay

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Fire Island star James Scully reminded us how earth-shatteringly beautiful Brad Pitt was in the 2004 historical epic, Troy. With the body of a Greek god—or, a Greek folk hero, rather—Pitt’s Achilles was pure “sexual awakening” material.For Scully, like many baby gays of a certain age, Troy was one of those no-turning-back moments: “That was definitely a moment where I was like, ‘Yep.

I am attracted to beautiful men, for sure,” the actor joked to Thrillist. “No more uncertainty about that.’”“I guess you could argue that the abundance of mostly nude, hot men in that film makes it a little queer.

How am I supposed to not be gay when this movie exists? What is my response to this scene with his naked butt supposed to be besides ‘I want to sleep with Brad Pitt’?”We feel the same.

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