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Christopher Meloni’s Father’s Day tweet proved why he’s the ultimate Daddy

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Law & Order actor Christopher Meloni.Between his thirst traps, the fact that he owns “the best butt in primetime,” and his embrace of the “zaddy” moniker, Meloni is so Daddy to his legion of fans that it can be easy forget that he actually is a father, too.But this Father’s Day, he took a break from shirtless pics and dragging conservative politicians on Twitter to share a special message from one of his children, two texts that prove why the actor is both the ultimate Daddy and the ultimate dad:Fathers Day text from my kid— Chris Meloni (@Chris_Meloni) June 20, 2022Apparently, the last name “Meloni” carries a lot of weight in the queer community—so much so that it scored the L&O: Organized Crime star’s kid a night of free drinks at a drag show.

They used the holiday as an occasion to tell their father that, just because they were related to him, they had their bar tab covered for the night.We were going to say something about having “a round of shots on Chris Meloni,” but that just got us fantasizing about doing a round of shots off Chris Meloni. *stares off into the distance, daydreaming*In a response to one of his followers, Meloni joked: “I tell everyone I am who I am and haven’t gotten a single drink yet.”We find that hard to believe, Chris!

Maybe you’re just not going to the right bars. We know a few spots in West Hollywood you could go to where we guarantee you’d never have to be for a drink in your life!In any event, we hope Daddy Meloni received some nice Father’s Day gifts from his kids this year because it sounds like he deserves it.

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