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Matt Gaetz: LGBTQ+ Folks Should Oppose Abortion So They Can Adopt Kids

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overturning Roe v. Wade, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz made the bizarre argument that the availability of abortion makes it harder for LGBTQ+ people to become parents.The Human Rights Campaign’s legal director, Sarah Warbelow, was testifying about the threat to individual rights because of the recent Supreme Court decision and others that may follow, as conservatives have targeted marriage equality, contraception, and more.Gaetz, who has never shown any support for LGBTQ+ people before (he has a zero rating from HRC), said to Warbelow, “I worry that if the LGBTQ community and advocacy organizations for same-sex couples somehow reorient to be a pro-abortion enterprise, that could actually result in fewer same-sex couples having access to the family formation that gives them fulfilled lives.

Are you concerned about that?”“What I would be concerned about is forcing women to carry a pregnancy simply to satisfy another couple’s desire to have a child,” Warbelow replied.

She pointed out that LGBTQ+ people form families in many ways, through assisted reproduction as well as adoption. Gaetz also asked if there are fewer lesbians who become pregnant through sexual assault than same-sex couples who want to adopt, again trying to make a case against abortion rights. “I think that’s impossible to know,” Warbelow replied.She went on to call Gaetz out on his misleading statements about bisexual women, as he claimed, “If a woman is with men and women, then they’re bisexual, right?” Warbelow pointed out that being bi is a matter of attraction — a bi person can be in a monogamous relationship with a person of one gender while still being attracted to other genders.He further conflated lesbians and bi women, asking Warbelow, “You’re.

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