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Dear Richard Madeley: I've nobody to talk to about my gay parents

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— Anon, LondonYes, I most certainly do. And here it is, in seven words: You. Are. Not. Responsible. For. Your. Parents.Well, obviously that mantra may change somewhat towards the end of life.

But that’s a long way down the line, Anon. In the here and now, the choices made by your mum and stepmum, be they social, political, work-related or (as in this case) emotional, may impact on you, but they’re nothing to do with you: you don’t have the slightest obligation to explain or defend them to anyone else.

You have your own path to tread, Anon. You’ll soon be at uni or work, with your own choices and decisions to make.It follows that you should never live your life according to what others think.

Who cares what a spurned suitor says? Or friends who expect you to be a standard-bearer for their views? As you say, gay parents can be just as annoying as straight ones.

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