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Dr. Oz’s doomed Senate campaign is this close to going on life support

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Related: Dr. Oz’s Senate campaign is going even worse than anyone could have imaginedAccording to The Daily Beast, however, Oz has been siphoning “dark money” into his campaign through a super PAC made possible by Citizens United, the landmark 2010 SCOTUS ruling that allows for corporations and nonprofit organizations to make unlimited financial contributions to super PACs:The super PAC backing Oz is called American Leadership Action.

Its dark money twin is called American Leadership Policy.According to federal election reports, the American Leadership Action super PAC has raised more than $4 million and spent nearly $3.5 million supporting Oz through the primary, which he won last month after a recount.The group has reported two donations from limited liability corporations.

But it also received a $66,000 contribution from the nonprofit twin.Those names aren’t a coincidence; it’s a team effort.The biggest donor to the American Leadership Action super PAC is Dr.

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