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‘Encanto’s Jessica Darrow Says On Oscar Red Carpet That LGBTQ Is “Face Of Disney” Amid “Don’t Say Gay” Backlash

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“Here I am being queer and gorgeous and I’m on the red carpet, and I’m very happy to represent fellow gorgeous queer that consume Disney,” Encanto actress Jessica Darrow told Deadline tonight on the Oscars red carpet.Asked what her take was on Disney’s handling of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, a situation that saw CEO Bob Chapek waffle, and staffers walkout this past week, Darrow exclaimed that when it comes to the LGBTQIA+ community, “We are the face of Disney at the end of the day.”“It’s obviously not right what’s going on, as we continue to uplift our voices and make our cases known, and continue to put out the positive, loving authentic energy that consumes all of us; we are the authentic part of all of this,” added the actress on Disney’s response to “Don’t Say Say”.“I’m trying to show up for everyone who may see themselves in a similar position as me, anyone who feels the same way that I do, and I want to let you know that it’s totally OK to be you,” she continued.“I’m trying my hardest to stay authentically me, Disney has let me do that so far.

Sometimes I feel like I’m alt-Disney with my tattoos and short hair,” Darrow added.“I keep doing what I want, and I want everyone to keep doing the same thing.

I don’t know, ‘F bro’. Do you. Do you — not ‘F ’em Disney’, I love Disney,” the actress who voiced Luisa in Encanto added.And in one final word to Chapek: “Listen, what I have to say about that: gay!

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