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Out in the World: Europe's San Marino elects first out gay head of state

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San Marino, the world's oldest republic, appointed the world's first gay head of state when Paolo Rondelli was named one of two captains regent.

Rondelli, 58, was inaugurated as one of the country's two highest elected officials at a ceremony April 1. Oscar Mina, the other captains regent, was also inaugurated.

Mina held the role in 2009.The medieval city-state of San Marino is near the eastern coast of Italy and is one of Europe's microstates.LGBTQ allies Marta Cartabia, the justice minister of Italy, and Italian Senator Monica Cirinnà were in attendance at the inauguration, reported Money Central.

Cirinnà praised Rondelli, a longtime LGBTQ activist and politician. Prior to his swearing in as a captain regent, he served as a deputy in San Marino's parliament and as an ambassador to the United States for nine years (2007-2016).

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