Jennifer Grey says it felt like 'a sniper attack' when her dad was outed as gay to her in late 80s

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Jennifer Greyhas detailed the painful way she learned about her father's sexuality.The Dirty Dancing star is the daughter of Oscar-winning Cabaret star Joel Grey, who came out as gay in 2015 at the age of 82.However, Grey, 62, found out much earlier in the late '80s during a conversation with her then-boyfriend Matthew Broderick's mother, Patricia Broderick.Choosing to use a homophobic slur to ask whether Grey knew her father was gay, she claims Patricia, a playwright, blurted out: 'You know your dad's a f*g.' Memories: Jennifer Gray is opening up about her life in her new memoir, Out of the Corner.

In the tome, she revealed it felt 'like a sniper attack' when her father was outed as gay to her in the late 1980s'All I know, all I knew at the time was that it felt like it was a sniper attack.

The idea was that I was a fool and that everyone knew but me,' she toldPeople,Jennifer said she is unsure of the late playwright's motive in telling her.'Perhaps she was offended by my lack of knowing.

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