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Everyone Either Is Or Has A Gay Cousin And These 22 Tweets About The Gay Cousin Are Funny To Me And Probably You

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thanksgiving and christmas coming up?? the gay cousins really have no break from their job as the comedic reliefY’all ready to be the gay cousin at dinner next week?Gay culture is being that gay cousin who's gotta carry the weight of being the best family member.My cousin got me a new shirtMe, the token gay cousin, arriving at a family gatheringme awakening from my slumber and taking my rightful place as the gay cousin at the holidayssomeone: if you don't have a gay cousin you ARE the gay cousin me, at 14: but i don't have one???

me, at 21: .......OHHHHHMe finally realizing I’m the gay cousin at Thanksgiving.Me, the gay cousin, coming to save Thanksgiving by cooking dinner, keeping the family woke, and teaching my 92 year old grandpa what.

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