Filling in the skills box on your CV

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It is quite common for job applicants to make serious mistakes when writing their CVs; the sections on 'work experience' and 'education' do not count. The main thing that the hiring manager and company manager pay special attention to is 'key skills'. But luckily, there is a CV writing service,, that can help avoid these mistakes.

What are these "key skills" after all?

When writing the 'key skills' section of your CV, it's important to include details of your skills and abilities. Superficial phrases are not appropriate in this case, especially when the position of interest is in management.

The information provided in the skills section is an essential part of any resume. The employer should read this section to get an idea of what the potential employee can do, as it reflects the experience of the previous jobs. For this reason, it is important that this section of the self-presentation should be filled in correctly.

You should not include general phrases that describe professional abilities. Firstly, it will alienate the employer. Secondly, it will discredit the candidate. The recruiter would probably think that the person who sent the resume didn't quit his previous job, but was asked to leave because he didn't have a simple perception of the company's scope of work.

When writing a resume for a position of interest, the candidate tries to showcase himself or herself in the best possible light. But not always the main skills of the potential employee correspond to the vacancy. And to be sure to get an invitation for an interview, you need to know the basic aspect: the employer, pasting up an advertisement for an employee, prescribes what the future employee should know. These requirements should be slightly rephrased and presented in the "key skills" section.

Basic rules for filling in the box

When drafting the section "key skills" it is necessary to correctly, and most importantly, effectively present information about their own professional knowledge.

Firstly, you should take a concise approach. It is sufficient to indicate 7-8 key competences. Too many skills will make the section difficult to understand. A smaller set of key skills would cause the employer to doubt the competence of the applicant.

Secondly, professional knowledge presented in the resume should correspond to the requirements of the vacancy as much as possible. When reading the "key skills" section, the human resources officer should immediately understand the position for which the person submitting the resume is applying.

Third, it is important to present the key skills section in a presentable manner. Each individual skill should be described in an uncomplicated and well-designed manner. It is desirable to use more figures and facts, which are supported by letters of recommendation from former employers.

The psychological approach to the "key skills" section of the CV should also be remembered.

But most importantly, that these characteristics were veiled clear and understandable phrases describing the applicant from the professional side. Employers will be impressed by the particular way in which key skills are presented. It is these characteristics that can play a decisive role in the applicant's acceptance for the vacancy.

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