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Matt Gaetz is having an absolutely horrible day

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The list of former Matt Gaetz associates cooperating with prosecutors in the sex crimes investigation into the congressman continues to grow longer.A Florida shock jock with connections to Gaetz has pleaded guilty in a deal that is likely to see him provide evidence against Gaetz.The Daily Beast reports that “Big Joe” Ellicott issued a guilty plea to “pay bribes and kickbacks,” and also to illegally selling Adderall.

His plea deal requires him to cooperate with other ongoing investigations in exchange for a reduced sentence.Ellicott is a close friend of Joel Greenberg, Gaetz’s former “wingman” who is also cooperating in the investigation.Ellicott is reported to know key details that could corroborate Greenberg’s version of events.Related: It sure looks like Matt Gaetz is going to pay for what he did… but not on VenmoGreenberg pleaded guilty to federal crimes including sex trafficking of a minor, identity theft, wire fraud, and conspiracy last May.

As part of his plea deal, he agreed to provide “substantial assistance” to investigators in their case against Gaetz.Earlier this year, Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend testified before a federal grand jury, leading many to believe the Department of Justice is getting close to indicting him.Multiple sources claim Gaetz’s ex tagged along with him and his alleged 17-year-old lover on a trip to the Bahamas in 2018.

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