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Florida Gov. DeSantis, Disney butting heads on LGBTQ issue

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party and through political committees that support them in donations that can't be traced.Disney also has donated to Democrats.The entertainment company, which opened a theme park in China in 2016 and has gained substantial access to that country’s film market, has been accused by some critics of adjusting its content to please China’s Communist leaders and avoid topics they consider sensitive.Critics of DeSantis argue he's going against the corporation as part of a culture war because of ambitions to win the Republican primary to be the 2024 presidential nominee.“It's really pretty shocking,” said former Republican Gov.

Charlie Crist, who is now a Democratic congressman seeking to challenge DeSantis.Crist said that the governor has sparred with industries important to Florida, like DeSantis' legal battle with cruise lines who wanted passengers to show they were vaccinated for coronavirus.“Now it's Disney.

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