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Florida Rains Down Restrictions on LGBTQ+ Youth, Gender Affirming Care

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studies indicate that desires to "detransition" are rare. The American Medical Association has said that trans and nonbinary gender identities are "normal variations of human identity and expression, and that forgoing gender-affirming care can have tragic health consequences, both mental and physical." Pediatricians and public health professionals have also voiced unease with legislation and policies targeting gender-affirming care, which they say could contribute to mental health concerns for trans kids and high suicide rates among trans youth.But Florida officials beg to differ. “These endorsements have permeated both the general public and health care community and created a false impression that chemical and surgical intervention is not only clinically proven, but the standard of care for treatment of gender dysphoria in Florida,” the state's new rules note.Critics immediately attacked the decision as anti-LGBTQ+.“It’s Sunday morning and the State of FL DOH has released their disgusting proposed transphobic rule that would BAN access to gender affirming care for those under the age of 18 & create restrictions for adults too,” tweeted Florida Rep.

Anna Eskamani, an Orlando Democrat. “They claim there is no evidence to support life saving gender affirming care & then ban it based on political ideology, not health.

As someone who helped to establish a gender affirming care program at [Planned Parenthood] & works w/#LGBTQ+ service providers & constituents I am disgusted by this.

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