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Food Is Love in Nonbinary Filmmaker Faraz Arif Ansari's 'Sheer Qorma'

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Sheer Qorma, their new short about a nonbinary person, Saira (Divya Dutta), who brings home their partner, Sitara (Swara Bhaskar), to their religious Indian mother, Ammi (Shabana Azmi), for the first time.

In it, the unwillingness to serve a meal and the subsequent gift of a favorite dessert (sheer qorma, a traditional Muslim pudding) signify rejection and then acceptance of LGBTQ+ family members.In addition to being a groundbreaking production, Sheer Qorma is part of Ansari’s journey of acceptance with their mother.

The film is dedicated to her, and in fact, Ansari’s mom prepared the sheer qorma seen in the production.“In a way, my films are my conversations with my mom.

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