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Gaga’s Oscar obsession! Fantasia’s casting repercussions! And other deep dish!

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Lady Gaga, who had gotten multiple honors for her performance as the scorned and scornful Patrizia in House of Gucci, but was pushed off the edge of glory when the Oscar noms left her out.I maintain that Gaga wasn’t helped by her relentless Oscar campaign, where she tried to position herself as basically a longstanding actor who occasionally sings.

The video interview where she’s touting her credits for the millionth time—the Lee Strasberg Institute, the Stanislavski method, Circle in the Square—comes off like a parody, the kind of self-important prattle Meryl Streep never has to resort to.It was even worse than Gaga’s last campaign, “There can be 100 people in a room…”!

By the time Gaga gets to detailing how she wrote herself a letter saying she wasn’t needed anymore because her character had arrived, costar Salma Hayek is serving up some award-caliber reaction shots.And the Oscars promptly sent Gaga a letter saying, “Sorry, babe.

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