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Gavin Newsom Compares Don’t Say Gay to Attempts to Ban LGBTQ+ Teachers

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awards ceremony, referencing the failed ballot initiative.Newsom was criticizing Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law (commonly known as “don’t say gay”), which restricts how schools can teach about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Parents say the law gives them control over their children’s education, but critics call it discriminatory and unnecessary. Newsom noted the similarities between Florida’s restrictive law and a similar attempt made by his own state in the late 1970s.Specifically, Newsom compared officials who support the law and the Brigg's Initiative's claim that LGBTQ+ people and their allies are "grooming" children."Press secretary for the governor of one of our largest states said people like me that were opposed to — and I know a lot of people are offended by saying it's not really a 'don't say gay' bill — but referred to those that opposed it in Florida as 'groomers,'" he said. "I think she was promoted, not fired.

Certainly wasn't fired."Officially titled Proposition 6, the California ballot initiative became known as the Briggs Initiative after its sponsor, Republican state legislator John Briggs who represented Orange County.

Harvey Milk gained national recognition after he publicly debated Briggs over the initiative. The initiative went down to eventual defeat on November 7, 1978, by a 16-point margin.Harvey Milk debated John Briggs over California Proposition 6, the “Briggs Initiative”One of those who vocally opposed the measure was Ronald Reagan, and Newsom reminded listeners of that opposition yesterday.“Ronald Reagan himself in 1978 wrote an op-ed saying something that needs to be said today,” Newsom said. “‘You can’t get gay,’ he said.

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