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Cassie Nova • 08-12-22

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Gifts from the Dragon Hello my lovelies. A few weeks ago we lost a good one: My friend Bruce Ragsdale Horton passed away. Bruce went by a few different names, but most of us knew her as Dragon Lady.

Dragon made the most amazing jewelry. Like seriously, she was crazy talented. The first time I met Dragon Lady was in 1993. I was working at Hunky’s: I had done drag for the first time and had won Donna Day’s talent night.

When you won, you had to come back the next week to perform as “last week’s winner,” and I was complaining to my coworkers at Hunky’s that I had no idea what I was going to wear or even what song to do when Dragon Lady stopped in for an early lunch.

Todd was this cool weirdo that managed the day shift at Hunky’s. Todd had everything pierced; I think he said he had close to 20 piercings, and many were in his face.

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