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Honey Dijon and Ts Madison just casually made queer music history and we have to stan

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Honey Dijon and Ts Madison have been making moves and breaking barriers for years. Now, with a little help from Queen Bey, these two have put transness at the top of the charts.With Renaissance tracks “Cozy” charting at #30 and “Alien Superstar” at #19, Dijon and Madison have become the first two out trans folks in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100.There have been Top 40 entries from some out nonbinary folks like Sam Smith or then-closeted acts like Teddy Geiger, but these Renaissance numbers are the first to put full-out trans entertainers on top.Related: Who was Moi Renee, the late drag queen sampled on Beyoncé’s new album?Dijon, a renowned house DJ from Chicago, lends her “unique” musical flair as a writer on “Alien Superstar”.

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