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He refused to attend his twin’s gay wedding, so why is the internet defending him?

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Twins often share a bond said to be closer than siblings, which may help to explain why one man felt so conflicted about whether or not to attend his twin sister’s wedding.He couldn’t have cared less that his sister was marrying a woman — after all, he was the first person she ever came out to and he says he “supported her wholeheartedly.”The reason he ultimately decided to skip the event and take a solo trip instead is a bit more complicated.

He took to Reddit’s popular AITA (Am I The A**hole) forum to share the unusual circumstances and get some outside perspective.Posting under the handle Slow-Hovercraft-4860, he explained that just three years ago, he was engaged to his then-girlfriend, Julie.“I proposed to Julie and she said yes,” he wrote. “Everything seemed fine, until I noticed that Julie had started to be a little more distant with me… She said she’s fine, but would like some space for a while.”Worried but wanting to respect her wishes, he backed off.Related: The Internet has some strong words for ‘selfish’ man who came out at sister’s wedding“A few weeks later, she broke up with me.

I was devastated and didn’t know what happened. I reached out to my sister for support and she was there for me. She and Julie had gotten along really well, so I asked her if she knew what happened.

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