His parents kicked him out for being gay at 15. Now they’re pissed they can’t come to the wedding?!

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a 28-year-old who is still facing familial troubles after his parents kicked him out of their house at age 15. His extended relatives expressed hurt over not being invited to his gay wedding.

But he says, because they weren’t supportive of him in his teen years, he didn’t invite them and shouldn’t feel guilt over it.His parents kicked him out for having a boyfriend, and though he briefly stayed at his boyfriend’s family’s house afterward, the disowned teenager’s aunt and uncle refused to let the teen stay at their house because they didn’t want to “pick sides” in the family “fight.” The aunt also worried that the teen’s mother would feel hurt if she “replaced” her as a mom.Their rejection devastated him.

He’d always felt close to his aunt and uncle’s family. Both had always been vocally supportive of gay rights for as long as he could remember.

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