Brenden Dilley Says He Won guy Brenden Dilley Says He Won

Homophobic ‘MAGA Life Coach’ Says He Won’t Wear A Mask Because He “Barely” Wears Condoms

Trump-supporting radio host and self-proclaimed “MAGA life coach” Brenden Dilley recently explained why he doesn’t wear a mask — because he also “barely even wore condoms.” Dilley added that’s why he has three kids from three different women.

Right Wing Watch shared a short clip from a recent episode of his barely-watched YouTube show, The Dilley Show. “I don’t wear a mask for flu season, I don’t wear a mask for f***ing cold season, I don’t wear a mask — b****, I got f***ing three kids, I barely even wore condoms when I had to!,” he says in the episode titled, in part, “Shamdemic on Steroids.” “This is why I’ve never backed off of the never-wearing-a-mask thing,” he said. “I never will.

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