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Paxton Signs Women’s Bill of Rights

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Indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton From one of the funniest press releases to come out of the office of the indicted Texas Attorney General, “[Indicted] Attorney General Paxton has signed on as a supporter of the Women’s Bill of Rights, a document developed by the Independent Women’s Voice urging codification of the common sense and reality-based definition of a woman.

The Bill of Rights challenges woke activists’ efforts to ignore basic biology and undermine fundamental truths to promote their worldview.” Well, on behalf of none of the women I know, thank you Ken Paxton for supporting a woman’s right to define herself exactly as you think she should.

But, of course, he anticipated my reaction. “The radical left has long had trouble with telling the truth,” Paxton’s press release goes on. “They’ve tried to redefine the word ‘recession,’ revise American history, paint concerned parents as ‘domestic terrorists,’ and now they want to fundamentally change what it means to be a woman.

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