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How ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Hinted at Will Byers’ Sexuality Through His Feelings for Mike Wheeler

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Warning: This story contains spoilers from season 4 of Stranger Things.The truth behind the painting! Following a dramatic buildup throughout season 4 of Stranger Things, Will (Noah Schnapp) addressed his sexuality and how it relates to his friendship with Mike (Finn Wolfhard) — by using Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) as a stand-in for his own feelings.“Yeah [I painted this].

I mean, El asked me to. She commissioned it, basically. I mean, she told me what to draw. Anyway, my point is, see how you are leading us here?

You’re guiding the whole party, inspiring us. That’s what you do,” Will gushed to Mike as he finally unveiled his artwork during episode 8. “And see your coat of arms here?

It’s a heart. And I know it’s sort of on the nose, but that’s what holds this party together. Heart.”During the conversation, Will noted to Mike that everyone would “fall apart” without him.

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