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So, does Will Byers finally come out as gay in the ‘Stranger Things’ series finale?

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Spoilers ahead for the final season of Stranger Things…Now that Netflix has released the final episodes for its 1980s-era sci-fi horror series Stranger Things, there’s really just one major question on queer fans’ minds: Does Will Byers finally come out as gay?Will is a shy, sensitive, and artistic boy who prefers playing Dungeon & Dragons (D&D) over his best friends’ interests in dating girls.

Byers becomes a bit of an outcast, even amongst his own friends, when he is abducted into an alternate dimension known as “the Upside Down” and is later possessed by a demonic entity known as “The Mind Flayer.”A few clues throughout the series suggest that Will might be gay.

He feels a bit jealous when his closest friend Mike Wheeler begins dating Eleven, the initial female member of their crew. When Mike and Eleven break up, Will tries to cheer Mike up and resume playing D&D with him.

However, Mike lashes out and tells Will that he has to grow up. The two make up after the spat, but the boys grow even more distant when Mike’s family moves to California in an attempt to escape all the deadly creatures inhabiting their Indiana hometown.Noah Schapp, the young actor who plays Will, has only added to the ambiguity when, in 2016, he said, “For me, Will being gay or not is besides the point.

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