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HRC Slams New NCAA Constitution for Lacking Nondiscrimination Policy

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new constitution, approved at the organization’s convention in Indianapolis, is a much shorter version than the previous one — 18 and a half pages, down from 43 — and represents the first major revision since 1997.The constitution makes general statements about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

One section reads, “The Association is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. The Association, divisions, conferences and member institutions shall create diverse and inclusive environments and shall provide education and training with respect to the creation of such environments and an atmosphere of respect for and sensitivity to the dignity of every person.

The Association, divisions, conferences and member institutions shall commit to promoting diversity and inclusion in athletics activities and events, hiring practices, professional and coaching relationships, leadership and advancement opportunities.”A group of 18 organizations, led by the Human Rights Campaign and Athlete Ally, had called on the NCAA to include specific antidiscrimination language in the constitution to protect LGBTQ+ athletes, women, and athletes of color.

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