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In Ukraine, foreign LGBTQ+ soldiers find acceptance on frontlines

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Explosions boom down the telephone line as former U.S. Marine Eddy Etue explains why he gave up a quiet life on the Californian coast to volunteer in the Ukrainian military as it battles Russia’s invasion.

He has faced live fire and a near-miss missile strike on his base – but one thing that has not been a worry is the fact that he is gay, says Etue, who proudly wears the unicorn badge of LGBTQ+ troops in Ukraine. “Being able to wear this unicorn insignia without issues, particularly in a country in Eastern Europe – it feels amazing,” said the 37-year-old, who is fighting alongside Ukrainian army reservists east of the Black Sea port of Odesa. “There’s this sense of fulfillment when you come into a situation like this to help people fight for their very existence and they … welcome you with open arms.” LGBTQ+ fighters have been visible in the Ukrainian military during the invasion, with many signing up to fight and wearing the unicorn logo on their uniforms to identify themselves.

Some activists think their involvement in the defence force has bolstered public support for gay and transgender rights in the largely socially conservative nation.

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