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Everyone’s crushing on Ryan Faucett, the other gay bro from ‘Bros’

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Bros underperformed at the box office this past weekend.Billy Eichner‘s big, gay rom-com is hilarious, heartfelt, and features a massive ensemble of LGBTQ actors—it’s the exact kind of movie we should be supporting and making a major blockbuster!But if you’ve been holding out on seeing it for whatever reason, allow us to convince you to rush to the theater immediately…Exhibit A: Ryan Faucett.

A post shared by Ryan Faucett (@tryanfaucett)In Bros, Faucett starsas Josh, a very sexy distraction in the burgeoning relationship between Eichner’s museum curator Bobby and Luke Macfarlane’s hunky lawyer Aaron.Related: Hunky gay ‘Bros’ star Luke Macfarlane was the straight man—literally—in a dozen Hallmark moviesOn an early date at the movie theater, Bobby and Aaron run into Josh and his girlfriend.

Aaron used to play hockey with Josh, and admits to harboring a crush on him back in high school—no big deal. But things get complicated when Josh comes out as gay shortly thereafter, throwing a wrench in Bobby and Aaron’s casual, open relationship.We won’t give anything else away, but we’ll just say that the Josh drama leads to one of Bros‘ sexiest and most riotously funny scenes…  A post shared by Ryan Faucett (@tryanfaucett)Anyway, back to business: Who is Ryan Faucett?

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