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Saucy Santana and Trina team up for the baddest voting song you’ll ever hear

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The “Material Girl” and “Baddest B*tch” of rap have teamed up for the ultimate voting track, and you’ll have to hear the lyrics to believe them.Presented by Black dating app BLK, Saucy Santana and Trina have collaborated on a song letting the boys know that not voting is red flag number one.

On “No Voting No Vucking”, this duo makes one thing clear: you need a ballot to get in their boxes.As BLK describes, here’s “the new election banger you didn’t know you needed!”:Related: LGBTQ leaders in battleground states plead with voters because local elections make a big differenceLet’s dissect some of these instantly iconic lyrics.First and foremost, Trina ending her verse with “gerrymander this coochie”?

That needs to be taught in Government courses across the country. PoliSci, even.Santana coming in with “This midterm is for all the single cuties/Wanna hit this booty?

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