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It gets worse: 5 more awful attempts at queer(ish) TV shows

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awful spinoffs. You’ve read about the awful sitcoms. And, yes, it gets worse. Television shows have a notoriously high rate of failure.

When it comes to LGBTQ-themed TV, that rate drops even sharper. For every Queer as Folk, audiences get about five duds. Have a look at some more of the absolute worst attempts at queer(ish) themed television in history…ABC tried to make fun of the widening cultural divide of 2003 with this unfortunate sitcom about a young couple, one from a conservative Irish-Catholic family, the other from an upper-class background with same-sex parents, who have to cope with the ongoing cultural clashes between their relatives.It’s All Relative aimed for the later success of Modern Family, albeit with harder, more All In the Family type edge.

The always reliable John Benjamin Hickey and Christopher Sieber (both of whom are gay in real life) played same-sex couple Philip and Simon, though they were burdened by stereotypical characters.Ratings for the show started out strong, given a lead-in from My Wife & Kids.

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