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"It was a really magical moment": Heartwarming note from girl, 7, that showed the true spirit of Pride

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A little girl left a Manchester Pride parade reveller 'in bits' after sharing a touching note of kindness. Jack Remmington was waiting to walk in Saturday's parade with Manchester-based charity George House Trust when he was approached by the youngster.

The girl handed him an envelope sealed with a rainbow sticker, which Jack opened to reveal the handwritten message: "You make me so proud.

Happy pride day." Jack - a 27-year-old singer and popular figure on social media - shared the message on Twitter, telling followers: "A little girl, she can’t have been older than about seven, just walked up to us at Manc Pride and handed me this and now I’m in bits." After the post received a huge warm reaction, Samantha Stewart came forward as the mum of the little girl who handed the note to Jack, seven-year-old Isabella.

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