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Julianne Moore On Playing Gay Character In ‘The Kids Are All Right’: ‘I Look Back And Go, ‘Ouch”


Julianne Moore has a different view of one of her classic roles. In a new article at Variety, the cast and crew of “The Kids Are All Right” look back on the family drama 10 years after its release.

RELATED: Julianne Moore Reveals Why Her Stunning Chanel Gown Wasn’t The Most Practical Thing To Wear To The 2015 Oscars In the film, Moore starred opposite Annette Bening as a lesbian couple with kids, but in the years since there has been backlash to the fact that both actresses are straight. “I can see why people took issue with a lesbian character having an affair with her sperm donor,” Moore said. “On the other hand, I think that Jules’ character was someone described as being very fluid, sexually and personally.

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