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Kristi Noem’s chances of ever being president were just flushed down the toilet

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Whatever chances Gov. Kristi Noem ever had at being the GOP nominee for president were officially killed this week.South Dakota lawmakers have unanimously approved a five-page report that says Noem acted inappropriately when she intervened to help get her mediocre daughter’s real estate career off the ground.The vehemently anti-LGBTQ governor is accused of engaging in nepotism and abusing her power when she got her daughter Kassidy certified as a state real estate appraiser through the Department of Labor and Regulation in 2020 after her application was initially denied.Related: Kristi Noem in crisis mode over affair rumors, says she loves her husband, fears God, blah, blah, blahAccording to the report, the 25-year-old hadn’t completed all the required training before applying for her appraiser’s license.

But rather than telling her daughter she needed to meet all the criteria, Noem tried to pressure the head of the appraiser program, Sherry Bren, into removing the training requirement just for Kassidy.When Bren still denied the application, Noem called her to the governor’s mansion and demanded specific examples of what Kassidy had done wrong.

Kassidy eventually got her appraiser’s license and Bren was forced to retire. She later sued for and won a $200,000 settlement for wrongful termination and Kassidy has since moved on from working in real estate.Related: Kristi Noem continues her tireless crusade to spread hate and bigotry across the landIncredibly, the five-page report was adopted unanimously by the GOP-controlled, 10-member panel, which means even Noem’s loyal Republican colleagues think she messed up.

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