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TikToker jokes she was “oppressed” by gay parents in viral video, has perfect response for homophobes

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Peter Pan, but your moms say no. Ugh, so frustrating!Yup, even queer parents can be unaccepting of their children who just want be true to themselves.

At least, that’s the joke of a viral TikTok from user Sidney Clementine—a.k.a. @sidneyclementine—which seems to have gone over a lot of people’s heads.In the clip seen above, Clementine speaks straight to camera, dead-panning, “I was raised by gay moms growing up, and I want to tell you about the times that they did not accept me for who I was.”In her first example, the TikToker points to a photo of a pink, asymmetrical haircut, saying, “First was when I wanted to get this haircut.

I was told that I could get the haircut if I chose to—it was my own head, but that I would look stupid.” Without missing a beat, Clementine remarks, “I felt oppressed.”As things escalated with each hilariously specific memory (she says she wasn’t allowed to dress like a layered-up “Disney teen,” referencing a photo of Zendaya in Shake It Up), it was pretty clear this was all a joke, no matter how convincing her delivery.

It all ends with Clementine’s stone-faced punchline: “It was straight-phobia in its purest form, and you cannot convince me otherwise.”Suffice it to say, not everyone was in on the joke—they never are on social media—prompting some viewers to leave baffled and even empathetic comments like, “I’m so sorry this happened to you.

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