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Laura Ingraham put on blast by her gay brother over homophobic “sexual brainwashing” segment

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Laura Ingraham leaned extra hard into homophobia during a segment about Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill on her show this week.

Now, her gay brother is speaking out.On Wednesday night’s episode of The Ingraham Angle, the Fox News propagandist dug into opponents of the bill, which bans curricula concerning LGBTQ issues in Florida classrooms, accusing them of wanting to “sexually brainwash” other people’s children.Related: Laura Ingraham defends Dave Chappelle’s transphobia, even though he called her a “c*nt”“When did our public schools, any schools, become what are essentially grooming centers for gender identity radicals?” she said above a chyron written in all-caps that read: “LIBERALS ARE SEXUALLY GROOMING ELEMENTARY STUDENTS”.Ingraham added, “As a mom, I think it’s appalling, it’s frightening, it’s disgusting, it’s despicable.”But she wasn’t finished yet.

In fact, she was just warming up.“Florida just passed a bill to keep this type of sexual brainwashing out of schools,” she continued. “Democrats, though, claim the bill is bigoted, branding it as the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill.’ Well, nice try.

The real controversy, though, isn’t this bill. It’s that schools are peddling gender ideology when our international rankings in math, science, and reading are down across the board.”Ingraham also aired two clips of individuals who viewers were led to believe are public school teachers, even though don’t appear to be.

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