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New Queer As Folk show follows Pulse-like shooting at a gay club

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Queer As Folk show for Peacock has given a lengthy interview to the Hollywood Reporter about bringing the iconic series back to life.

He also gives a glimpse of what we can expect.Dunn says his storyline for the show, which will be set in New Orleans, was partly inspired by the Pulse nightclub tragedy.After the success of Dunn’s movie, Closet Monster, at Sundance in 2015, he began talking with producers about the possibility of bringing back Queer As Folk.However, the rights for the US version had reverted from Showtime to QAF’s original creator, British writer Russell T Davies (It’s A Sin).

Dunn flew to the UK to pitch his ideas to Davies.“I knew what it was going to be about,” says Dunn. “I knew the story. I knew the premise.

I knew I wanted it to be about a community rebuilding after a Pulse night club-like tragedy. He [Davies] loved the concept and the energy that I brought to it and felt like this had the potential to expand on the legacy of this series.”Related: Queer As Folk: Cast members announced for eagerly-awaited rebootDunn says he met with several Pulse survivors when planning the storyline, and some of them came on board as consultants on the show.

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