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Pride in Places: How this gay bar remained a nightlife staple in Provincetown’s history

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Provincetown‘s Atlantic House is one of those rare American establishments that’s as old as the block it’s located on.Nestled at the center of Masonic Place, locals and tourists alike regularly flock to “A-House,” which competes as a contender for the oldest gay bar in the United States (if you count the time it was in the closet).

In true gay fashion, the venue started out as a straight tavern. Ptown’s first Postmaster, Daniel Pease, built and operated it in 1834 under an unknown name.A-House cemented itself as a safe space for creatives over the years.

During the 1920s, it served as a hangout for notable writers, including Eugene O’Neill and Tennessee Williams. We think the nude photo of Williams strolling on Provincetown beaches hanging in the bar must have pioneered the venue’s colorful future.But it wasn’t until 1949, when A-House manager Reggie Cabralthat purchased the long-time discreetly gay-friendly establishment, that the bar truly branded itself.

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