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Nico Tortorella Wants You to Know Your Queer History

Space Between the Sheets (@nicotortorella).“I needed to figure out a way to stay connected and continue to hold a queer space and build community, and my show kind of found itself,” says Tortorella. “It’s been so important for me in my own mental health, and I know for the community I built, for sure.

I have conversations with people all over the world, five days a week for an hour. We really just focus on humanity, identity, and what it means to be alive in the new world.”The slower pace of life caused by the pandemic has been healing and therapeutic in many ways, too. “I am a workaholic and have been for a lot of years,” Tortorella admits. “This is the biggest chunk of time I’ve had that I haven’t had to be shooting something somewhere..

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