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Climate change, school shootings and war: The trans community always gets the blame

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Ukraine and even pollution in the sea, transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming people like me are to blame. After the recent shooting in America – where 19 children and two teachers were brutally murdered – US congressman Paul Gosar was quick to blame trans people and immigrants, as he tweeted that the shooter was a ‘transsexual leftist illegal alien’.My first reaction to this was to roll my eyes, as I sadly wasn’t even surprised.

It really illustrates how certain people see trans people as enemies, and underlines yet again how much work there is to be done to eradicate prejudice and bigotry.

To anyone in their right mind, it’s quite obvious that none of this is true, and it illustrates quite clearly how we are constantly used as scapegoats for various things.

It seems our lives are easy targets to distract from politics and structural inequalities. This not only does a disservice to trans people, but also the victims of crimes, war and of global warming.

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