Barbra Streisand: Last News


The queerest and most iconic Oscar red carpet fashions that still have us gagging to this day

judge watch really famous rich people awkwardly answer questions while maneuvering past their A-list colleagues decked out in ridiculously expensive drip. Raise a glass for Queen Joan Rivers!And if we’re keeping it real, most of us may not remember who won Best Supporting Actor last year (apologies to Troy Kotsur!), but we can still recollect the exact moment we first laid eyes – and howled – at Bjork’s Swan Dress™ or The Jolie Leg™.2022 was a banner year for LGBTQ+ film, but did that pan out in the nominations for the 95th annual Academy Awards? Well… yes and no!Despite the Academy’s fraught history with LGBTQ+ stars, our community – including our fiercest allies – have been serving memorable lewks for decades.

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