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Jonathan van Ness Calls Out Dax Shepard Over Podcast Apology

Jonathan van Ness has revealed that Dax Shepard never reached out to him after the Queer Eye star was reduced to tears while discussing anti-transgender vitriol on an episode of the actor's podcast.On his September 25 appearance on Armchair Expert, Van Ness, who is non-binary and uses any pronouns, said he was "emotionally exhausted" from the anti-transgender rhetoric happening across the country.He also tried to explain gender-affirming healthcare, which includes the diagnosis and treatment of physical and mental health conditions, as well as sex reassignment therapies. It is supported by major medical, nursing, and healthcare societies across the world.Shepard then argued that those on the right who are opposed to issues such as gender-affirming healthcare for teens, drag queen story hours, trans people participating in sports, and boycotting brands who work with LGBTQ+ people, simply had a "difference of opinion."During a November 14 appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Van Ness told host Amanda Hirsch that he hasn't spoken to Shepard since the emotional discussion.Newsweek contacted Shephard's and Van Ness' representatives by email for comment Wednesday.Van Ness revealed he almost stood up and left twice during the Armchair Expert podcast and thought Shepard would have reached out after they recorded the episode, which Van Ness claims he hasn't done as of yet."I thought that there would be a reach-out.

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