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Jonathan Van Ness Cries Over Dax Shepard’s Trans Comments

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Queer Eye host Jonathan Van Ness during a recent episode of the podcast Armchair Expert, which is hosted by actor Dax Shepard.The two stars seemingly didn’t mean to get into it about trans rights and how the community is being treated, but their conversation go to that point, and it didn’t take long before it became somewhat heated and certainly very emotional.Van Ness and Shepard started talking about The New York Times, and after the Queer Eye Emmy nominee stated that he didn’t feel that the paper was left-leaning, Shepard disagreed vehemently.

That’s when Van Ness started talking about how the newspaper can sometimes use anti-trans language, and from there, they had a difficult time keeping it together.The crux of their discussion centered on the discomfort some people feel about teenagers who decide they need to go through a gender transition.

Shepard questioned, “How do we know that the person’s not gonna change their mind?” He then went on to add that some people are just wanting to talk about this, and that when they do so, they are sometimes seen as an “enemy.” The actor stated that he doesn’t think that’s a good way for people to go about this type of talk.

Van Ness didn’t back down from their own comments, no matter what Shepard said. They immediately discredited any points that some anti-trans proponents make, such as that trans athletes may enjoy some “unfair” benefits.

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