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DeSantis Claims Supreme Court Won’t Overturn Gay Marriage

CBS Evening News, DeSantis defended the state from accusations that it is a hostile environment for Black people, other individuals of color, or the LGBTQ community.DeSantis defended his record on racial issues as governor, noting that unemployment among Blacks in Florida is lower than in liberal-leaning states, that record numbers of Blacks own their own businesses in Florida, and that the state has the highest number of Black students benefitting from school-choice programs.Responding to the NAACP’s issuance of a travel advisory declaring the state as adversarial toward Black Americans — a charge sparked by his administration’s various attempts to crack down on so-called “wokeness” and discussions of systemic racial inequality — a “stunt.” The racial advocacy organization previously called Florida “openly hostile for African Americans, people of color, and LGBTQ individuals.”DeSantis also blamed the media for fueling what he calls false narratives that the state is hostile to LGBTQ people.“When we had the fight with Disney over the elementary education about, should you have things about sex and gender identity telling a second grader that their gender’s fluid? We said, ‘Absolutely not.’ Parents in Florida agreed. And throughout — the country I think agreed with that,” he said.

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