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The Jonas Bros’ battle of the bulge continued in a very revealing ‘SNL’ sketch

thighs have been the subjects of many a gay fantasy), and there’s a whole subsection of their fandom obsessed with which “Jo Bro” has the best package—yes, really!Well, said fans were fed this weekend by the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, of all places!The ‘Bros’ leads share the two straight star actors who were planned to join the movie’s cameo-fest as an onscreen couple.The sketch came late in the April 8 episode of the show, which was hosted by former cast member Molly Shannon. She trotted out her beloved character Sally O’Malley—still loudly and proudly “50 years old!”—who was brought into a dance studio to teach the Jonas brothers some more mature choreography, including her patented “kick, stretch, and kick.”After showing off the sizzle in her “lady schnizzle” (her words), Sally brings in the guys to back her up.

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