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Kellyanne Conway is reportedly DC’s most eligible bachelorette as single men can’t stop asking her out

Kellyanne Conway‘s bitter milkshake is bringing all the proud boys to the yard!Since announcing her divorce from husband George Conway earlier this month, the 56-year-old MAGA maven has somehow seen her popularity rise amid a certain sect of horny men in the nation’s capital.Despite not being able to remove the one term, twice impeached former president’s stink, Conway is now a hot commodity and has been receiving a flood of dating offers as single dudes are lining up to give her their digits, according to a report by the highly reputable and her soon-to-be-ex-husband George announced yesterday that they’re calling it quits after 22 years of holy matrimony.“Getting divorced from George has been like a green light for men in D.C. Everywhere she goes, someone comes over to give her his number,” a source told the outlet.

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