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‘Pride’ and Joy: How the FX Docuseries Examines LGBTQ+ Life Through the Decades

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Drag Race” RuPaul, and videographer/activist Nelson Sullivan, who chronicled his day-to-day sojourns as a bittersweet ode to the ever-changing Big Apple and who is often dubbed the inventor of the modern selfie via his technique of frequently reversing the camera onto himself. “For the ’80s episode alone, we had a tremendous amount of footage.

Nelson shot over 1,200 hours of footage from 1983 to 1989, so, for the whole series, it’s thousands of hours we went through.”And even while working diligently on what Tursi calls his dream job, it takes a certain mental toll. “It comes with the territory of being a storyteller, but yeah, there were many times that I got emotional and cried [at work],” he says.

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