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Billy Porter Takes Down Anti-Trans Pols for Bad Policies and Bad Hair

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be investigated for child abuse.“Gregory, Gregory, Gregory,” Porter says in one video. “It’s hard enough with you being an intolerable, soulless, and empty shell of a human being.

But how do you continue to live with yourself with a hairline looking like that?” The video goes on to critique the governor for his anti-trans efforts, his resistance to gun regulations, his embrace of voter suppression laws, and more.

The Cruz video takes him to task for his semi-mullet hairdo and for “putting so much of your energy into vilifying the trans identity,” as Porter puts it.The videos conclude with an invitation to visit Strands for Trans’s website, where operators of inclusive barbershops and salons can register their businesses (more than 7,500 have registered already), and opponents of anti-trans legislation can send emails to lawmakers.The Texas Republican Party is, as in the past, proposing one of the most anti-LGBTQ+ platforms of any state party in the nation.

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